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About Us

Exceptional Representation

Baja Legal Solutions is a Mexican law firm offering:

*Consultation and advice for companies wishing to do business in Mexico or abroad, under a legal and fiscal regime that allows them to develop as efficiently corporation and responsible through instruments and/or administrative and legal strategies, such as powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, meeting minutes, etc..

*We provide all the legal support to successfully bring the conclusion of a transaction for the sale of real estate, assisting buyers and sellers (known as CLOSING Service).

*Preparation, review and/or modification of all types of contracts in: sale, lease, loan, Trusts, labor, etc., Which comply with all the provisions that dictate the national laws that regulate them.

*Permitting for the legal stay of foreigners in our country, meeting all requirements and forms to the Department of Immigration.

*Official translation of public documents and/or private. (English-Spanish / Spanish-English). We are certified by the Superior Court.

*Legal advice on labor relations and on issues that are carried to the Conciliation and Arbitration Local Board.

*Counseling, consultation and analysis of the accounting transactions of your company, with the facility to have the tax accounting information quickly and easily.

*We also offer the service tax regulations both for individuals and/or entities with tax collecting agencies.

*All type of paperwork before the Municipality, State and/or Federal Government in order to obtain permits, concession and authorizations required for a development.

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